Dubie won’t head the Federal Aviation Administration

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(Host) Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie won’t be leaving his post to become the next head of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Dubie was notified by the Bush Administration on Tuesday that the President has selected the acting administrator, Robert Sturgell, to be the permanent director of the FAA.

Dubie says he was interested in the position because he thinks the nation’s air transportation infrastructure has broken down. He says that has led to delays throughout the country.

Dubie says he’s had direct experience with these problems as a commercial airline pilot.

(Dubie) "The free market let the market sort things out. That ideology is bumping up against the reality that there’s only so much infrastructure in parts of our air transportation system. In the New York market, the free market is kind of breaking down … And the FAA could facilitate that and needs to facilitate that and hopefully with the new FAA Administrator, Bobby Sturgell, those reforms will be enacted."

(Host) Dubie doesn’t want to say whether he’ll seek re-election as lieutenant governor next year. He says it’s too early to consider the next election:

(Dubie) "I’ll tell you I haven’t even been elected for a year. So, as a matter of principle, I don’t even answer that question until a year is up. That will be next month. So right now, I’m focused on and have been focused on and will continue to be focused on serving proudly as Vermont‘s lieutenant governor."

(Host) In the coming months, Dubie says he wants to continue to work on efforts to expand broadband and cell phone coverage throughout the state.


AP Photo/Toby Talbot

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