“Eat More Kale” T-Shirt Artist Raises $90K For Film Project

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(Host) In just one month, a folk artist in Montpelier who prints Eat More Kale t-shirts has raised nearly $90,000 to make a film about his ongoing legal battle with a fast food chain whose slogan is "Eat Mor’ Chikin’."

As VPR’s Kirk Carapezza reports, now he’s preparing to produce a documentary about corporate bullying.

(Carapezza) Over the past four weeks, Bo Muller-Moore has used Facebook and Twitter as well as the online funding platform kickstarter.com to reach his goal.

He says the donations rolled in from across the globe.

(Moore) "Everywhere from Luxemburg to Germany to New Zealand. Of course, Vermont. The Deep South. The Far West. You name it. It was really amazing."

In December, there was a flood of PR and press over Muller-Moore’s battle with the fast food chain Chik Fil’ A.

Chik Fil’ A said his t-shirts infringe upon their trademark for Eat Mor’ Chikin. Governor Peter Shumlin came to his side, launching Team Kale. Then, in January, a local filmmaker approached Muller-Moore about telling his story on the big screen.

In this age of Occupy Wall Street, Muller-Moore says he wasn’t surprised by the outpouring of support because he thinks people identify with his struggle.

(Moore) "Everybody knows somebody that’s been bullied by a corporation it seems. Everybody can relate to this one way or another. And I think people are glad that somebody’s going to stand up and be a spokesperson for it."


(Carapezza) In the trailer for the film, Muller-Moore sits in his t-shirt studio, spewing one-liners against Chik Fil’ A and against Corporate America.

(Moore) "I want to be the guy that stands up to them and wins. I’m not going to back down just because you say I should."

(Carapezza) The film is called "A Defiant Dude," and Muller Moore is certainly bold. But he’s also whimsical – a self-promoter who’s not sure all the social networking and fundraising will make a difference.

(Moore) "It can’t hurt. I need to shine a light on it if I win and I’m able to get my trademark. Conversely, if they shut me down I want everyone to know – everyone that cares to know – I want them to see."

(Carapezza) "A Defiant Dude" is scheduled to come out in September. Just in time, Muller-Moore says, to enter the Sundance Film Festival.

For VPR News, I’m Kirk Carapezza.

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