Fletcher Allen to lay off 26 employees

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(Host) Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington is laying off 26 employees and eliminating 18 vacant positions to save money.

Out of that total, 31 of the positions are managerial.

Doctor Melinda Estes is the CEO of Fletcher Allen Health Care. She says the hospital needs to look for efficiencies to improve its financial picture.

(Estes) “If you look at health care organizations in general, ones that are very lean in management have three layers of management. We have five layers of management in many of our areas. So our goal over time – remember about 18 months ago we also did a managerial reorganization – is just to continue to streamline our management structure to be more efficient.”

(Host) Estes said the decision did not mean that Fletcher Allen was moving to a three-layer management system overall.

Monday’s move will save Vermont’s largest hospital about two million dollars during the remainder of the fiscal year.

Fletcher Allen has already trimmed operations by 5 to 7 million dollars during this fiscal year.

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