Fogel to expand UVM enrollment

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(Host) University of Vermont President Daniel Fogel says increasing the number of students is one way to hold the line on tuition increases. UVM is among the most expensive public universities for in-state students.

Speaking Tuesday night on VPR’s Switchboard, Fogel said it’s unrealistic to expect the state to dramatically increase financial support for UVM. He says the university can run more economically with more students:

(Fogel) “When we get a 3% increase from the state of Vermont – last year it was $1,084,000. Our health insurance costs this past year went up $1,800,000. The state appropriation doesn’t do it. So if we can’t do it with state appropriations and we can’t do it with raising tuition and pricing ourselves out of the market, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that part of the solution is to very carefully maintain the quality while building enrollment within specified limits.”

(Host) Fogel says UVM has fewer students now than it did ten years ago. He also says he wants to earmark more money for scholarships for low income Vermonters.

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