Hartland Man Pleads Not Guilty In Frost Theft

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(Host) The man accused of stealing letters and Christmas cards penned by poet Robert Frost pleaded not guilty in Windsor County Superior Court yesterday.

According to court documents, Tim Bernaby, of Hartland, found the papers in an antique desk donated to a thrift shop in White River Junction, where he worked.  The donor apparently did not realize that the papers had been left in the desk. 

Windsor County State’s attorney Robert Sand says the papers were then sold for $25,000–about ten times the appraised value.

(Sand) The affidavit of probably cause indicates that the person who allegedly purchased them from the defendant is still retaining them having allegedly spent a fair amount of money to acquire the papers, and so I suppose understandably is reluctant to part with them without being compensated for the monies that he allegedly spent to purchase them.

(Host) The alleged buyer, Thomas Cady, has not been charged with receiving stolen property. If Bernaby is convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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