Healthy lifestyle discount legislation gets preliminary approval

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(Host) The House has given its strong preliminary approval to legislation that will allow health insurance companies to offer discounts to consumers who have healthy lifestyles.

The provision is part of a larger bill known as the “common sense” health care plan.

Other provisions in the bill include new grants for community wellness and prevention programs; a common claim form for all health insurance companies; new pricing information for consumers; and the development of an electronic medical records system.

Middlebury Representative Steven Maier says the plan will also allow insurance companies to offer a discount of up to 15% for individuals who work with their doctors on a wellness approach to their health.

(Maier) “Vermonters must be engaged to the best of their ability to pursue healthy lifestyles to focus on preventive care and wellness issues and to make informed use of all health care services throughout their lives. Incentives include premium discounts or rebates waivers or adjustments in co-pays deductibles or other cost sharing amounts.”

(Host) Despite the strong vote in the House, East Montpelier Representative Tony Klein cautioned his colleagues about the overall impact that the bill will have:

(Klein) “I vote for these very minor improvements however no one should mistake this legislation for real meaningful health care reform.”

(Host) The measure will come up for final approval in the House Wednesday.

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