House Reapportionment Passes With Tri-Partisan Support

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The Vermont House has given its strong tri-partisan support to its reapportionment plan. Every ten years the House reviews its district boundaries to reflect changes in population over the past decade.

In some states, the reapportionment process is a very partisan process, but the House passed its bill by a vote of 123 – 9.

Winooski Democrat Ken Atkins says the Government Operations committee tried to cause as little disruption as possible when it considered changes to existing districts. "I can assure you, members, this was not an easy job at times," Atkins said.

Milton Republican Ronald Hubert said the plan was an honest effort to deal with a difficult issue. "Is this map perfect? No it’s not Mr. Speaker," Hubert said on the floor of the Statehouse Thursday. "But it is the best that we can do with the time constraints that we have and with population that we have and the mountain ranges we have within this state."

Burlington Progressive Chris Pearson also said he was satisfied with the work of the House Government Operations committee.

"This bill serves as a model of redistricting for the country," Pearson said. "Members of all parties find areas to support and areas of disagreement, but local input was valued and neighborhoods respected if at all possible."

The Senate is expected to consider its reapportionment plan by the end of next week.

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