Interview: Lawrence McCrorey

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Launched in 1988, Vermont’s Human Rights Commission was designed to hear allegations of discrimination in the community. The state panel has five members, appointed by the Governor, and until recently at least one of those members was an African-American. That representation disappeared when educator Kevin Christie was replaced by a female attorney, who is white.

Lawrence McCrorey is an African-American who lives in Grand Isle and was a charter member of Vermont’s Human Rights Commission. He spoke with Mitch Wertlieb about the commission and the replacement of Christie.

(To hear Mitch Wertlieb’s interview with Lawrence McCrorey, click on the “Listen” icon.)

This additional note:

We were able to reach Kevin Christie this morning following our conversation with Lawrence McCrorey. Christie is the African-American member of the panel who did not receive a re-appointment on the Human Rights Commission.

He says he did not receive an explanation from the Governor as to why he was replaced, only a brief letter thanking him for his service and informing him that he his place on the commission was being filled by another appointee.

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