Irene Recovery Funds From HUD Will Take Months To Reach Vermont

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(Host)  Nearly $22 million in Irene recovery money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will take months to reach Vermont. 

At a public hearing Monday in Montpelier, state officials fielded suggestions for how the money should be used. 

Jennifer Hollar is Deputy Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic, Housing and Community Affairs. 

She says the state has to develop a plan for how to use the money, submit it to the federal government, then wait for it to be reviewed. 

Hollar says it will be summer before applications for the money are accepted and the funds may not be available until August – a year after Irene.

(Hollar) "Yes, that is possible, we hope to make it available a little before a year, but its really designed for long term recovery and rebuilding, so that’s right, it will be some number of months before its available."

(Host) Hollar says its clear long term recovery needs are greater than the $21.7 million, but the HUD money will help leverage additional recovery help. 

She says the state is committed to using some of the money to help homeowners under the FEMA buyout program, which doesn’t compensate them for the full value of their house. 


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