July 8, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Clavelle Holds Health Fora
Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle was in Bennington County talking about health care Wednesday. At an open meeting in Arlington he said Vermont should lead the nation in providing affordable health care for all its citizens. (VPR)

TV Comedy Set in Vermont
A Vermont film crew has been spending the summer on the farm – hoping to raise some laughs. They’re working on a new situation comedy that’s an attempt to take a fresh approach on a familiar theme. (VPR)

State Surplus at $27 Million
According to a new report, the state of Vermont will end the 2004 fiscal year with a $27 million surplus. Administration Secretary Michael Smith says there are definite signs that the Vermont economy is rebounding. But Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Clavelle says the new revenue report doesn’t tell the whole story about the state’s finances. (VPR)

VELCO Power Line Upgrade
State utility regulators have pushed back the schedule for their review of a major power line proposal for western Vermont. The Public Service Board also wants much more information about the $128 million project. (VPR)

Vermont Yankee Back Online The state’s only nuclear power plant is back on line after a fire last month forced a 19-day shutdown. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been investigating the cause of the blaze, which started near a large transformer. (VPR)

Trippi Named Harvard Fellow
Howard Dean’s former campaign manager is among the fellows named to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Joe Trippi, who led Dean’s once-promising presidential bid, will be a resident fellow this fall. (AP)

Sanders on Patriot USA Act
A House vote is set for Thursday on a plan to keep the government from using the USA Patriot Act to demand book store and library records. The Patriot Act, passed after the Nine-Eleven attacks, strengthened the government’s surveillance and detention powers. But some lawmakers say parts of it go too far. Vermont Congressman Bernard Sanders said, “Every American wants to fight terrorism vigorously, but they want to do it in a way that does not undermine basic Constitutional rights.” The White House threatens to veto any amendment that could weaken the Patriot Act.

McMullen Manager with Dubie Campaign
The former campaign manager for U.S. Senate candidate Jack McMullen is now working for Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie’s re-election effort. Twenty-nine-year-old Greg Hahn had his first day as Dubie’s deputy campaign manager this week. Hahn lives in Tilton, New Hampshire. (AP)

Montpelier Flag Vandalism
Police in Montpelier say the burning last week of an American flag on a statue outside a downtown Catholic church is among a string of recent flag desecrations and thefts in the city. Police Chief Douglas Hoyt says at least five incidents have been reported since the middle of June. (AP)

Bennington Post Office Scare
The Bennington Post Office was closed for a few hours Tuesday after employees found white powder leaking from an envelope. The powder turned out to be Vicodin, a prescription painkiller. But before the powder was analyzed, the Bennington Fire Department’s hazardous materials unit was called in. (AP)

Private School Opens for Girls
A new school for girls run by a California company is due to open in Manchester this fall. Bromley Brook School will have up to 20 students from freshmen to seniors when it opens. At full enrollment, it’s expected to have a staff of 92 and 135 students. (AP)

Daley Friend Given Suspended Sentence
A Rindge, New Hampshire, man has pleaded guilty to helping a friend escape after the killing of a Vermont state trooper. Joshua Tatro was given a one-year suspended sentence this week. Tatro was accused of helping 24-year-old Eric Daley of Lebanon escape after Daley’s car struck and killed Sergeant Michael Johnson last year on Interstate 91 in Norwich, Vermont. Daley was arrested a few days afterward in Pennsylvania. (AP)

Sex Offender Released from Prison
An untreated sex offender is scheduled to be released tomorrow from the prison in Springfield. Forty-two-year-old Daniel Dean Emerson was convicted of raping a woman in May 1984, his third sexual assault conviction. (AP)

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