June 20, 2003 – news at a glance

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Challenge to Water Board ruling
The Douglas administration wants the Water Resources Board to overturn its recent ruling on stormwater pollution. Two weeks ago, the board threw out several state permits for watershed improvement plans in Chittenden County. The board said the plans didn’t go far enough to clean up the water. The state has now asked the board to reconsider. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Death penalty in Vermont
Governor Jim Douglas says he’d like the next session of the Legislature to debate the merits of bringing the death penalty back to Vermont for specific crimes. Douglas doesn’t oppose the death penalty, and thinks it may be an appropriate form of punishment for people convicted of killing police officers. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Dean prepares for official announcement
Former Governor Howard Dean is returning to Vermont next week to formally announce his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination and to outline his vision for the future of the country. (VPR)

Civil rights milestones
The African-American community and the gay community both celebrate historic milestones in June. This weekend in Burlington, the two civil right movements will celebrate together for the first time. (VPR)

Veto session
The Vermont House and Senate have sustained Governor Jim Douglas’ veto of a juvenile justice bill. (AP)

Unemployment rate
Vermont unemployment rate drops slightly Vermont’s unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a percentage point in May, to 4.1%. (AP)

Environmental Board takes up Act 250
The board that hears appeals of the state’s development control law is taking up permit reform. The Environmental Board will suggest ways to change the way Act 250 is administered, including who can participate in the proceedings and to what extent. (AP)

Reading test results
Vermont fourth- and eighth-grade students scored above the national average in reading tests. The tests were administered by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. (AP)

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