Kunstler Brings Energy Message To UVM

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Let’s talk about our energy future. We’ve already reached the age of peak oil and fossil fuels are too dangerous for the environment anyway. Gas from shale oil in Canada? Far more pricey to extract than the industry would have you believe. OK, renewable energies-wind and solar-that’s the wave of the energy future. Not a chance. Those technologies can’t possibly power a country that hungers for consumption the way America does.

That’s what James Howard Kunstler believes, and he really doesn’t care if you disagree.

Kunstler is brash, unapologetic and as we’ll hear, won’t be pulling any punches when he speaks tomorrow at the University of Vermont on the reality of our energy future.

VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb spoke with the author, whose works of fiction and non-fiction include "The Long Emergency", which foresees an end of industrialized society as we know it.

James Howard Kunstler says renewable energies, traditional oil, or something yet to be discovered are just pipe dreams, and we’re just avoiding a more painful reality, which he describes in his new book. 

Click listen to hear the interview. 

Lecture Series: ‘Vermont’s Energy Future’ 

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