Land Trust Agrees To Buy 1,100 Acres In Bolton Backcountry

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The Vermont Land Trust has acquired more than 1,100 acres adjacent to Bolton Valley Resort that is popular for cross-country skiing.

The Land Trust says more than 15,000 hikers, hunters and skiers use the property each year, and Land Trust President Gil Livingston says preserving the land is important because it was once at risk of being sold privately.

(Livingston) "When the dozens of people who use that trail system learned about that they quickly organized into an organization they’re calling the friends of Bolton Valley Nordic. So fearing that they would lose access they were in touch with the Vermont Land Trust."

Livingston says the Land Trust signed a contract three weeks ago to buy the land for $1.6 million dollars.

(Livingston) "This property beyond recreation also has important habitat characteristics key to the ongoing wildlife legacy of Vermont.

Livingston says the Trust needs to raise another $1 million to purchase the property.

The goal is to turn the land over to the state so it can be added to the Mount Mansfield State Forest.

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