Manchester voters oppose wind turbine project

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(Host) Voters in Manchester spent more than two hours in their town meeting Saturday debating a wind farm proposed for Little Equinox Mountain.

By a close margin they voted to oppose the five-turbine project, if and when it comes before the Vermont Public Service Board.

Mike Kilburne is on the Manchester Selectboard. He says the town has a number of concerns.

(Kilburne) “One is noise, one is aesthetics, and we can’t quantify the impact it’s going to have on our property values and our tourist base. It’s too big a risk for too small a gain.”

(Host) Energy from the project is already under contract to the Burlington electric company. Kilburne says Burlington stands to gain more than Manchester, by selling the power to out-of-state utilities in need of green energy tax credits.

The town also allocated up to $150,000 dollars to help make its case in the state permitting process.

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