March 3, 2003 – News at a glance

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Meeting day preparations
A few towns held their annual meetings over the weekend, but most of Vermont’s annual town meetings will take place tonight and tomorrow. (VPR)

Doyle survey polls
Besides tax rates and local budgets, town meeting voters this week will also consider a host of statewide issues. Voters will make their opinions known in a questionnaire put together by Washington Republican Senator Bill Doyle. Doyle says the questionnaire has proved to be an accurate bellwether for Vermont politics. (VPR)

Out of bounds skiing
When extreme skiers and snowboarders push their sport outside of designated trails, they sometimes clash with search and rescue organizations. After several high profile searches this winter, Vermont officials and ski industry organizations hope to make those who act recklessly accountable for their actions. (VPR)

Legislature recesses
Most Vermont communities are gearing up for Town Meeting Day this week. And that means state lawmakers won’t be in Montpelier. They’re taking their traditional recess so they can attend Town Meeting Day in their home districts. (AP)

Champion lands
The debate over the former Champion lands in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom may not be over yet. That’s because officials are in the process of deciding how to implement a state management plan for the wilderness area. (AP)

USA Patriot Act revisited
Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders plans to introduce legislation this week that would reduce the FBI’s power to investigate libraries and bookstores. Sanders’ bill would raise the legal threshold agents must achieve before searching records. (AP)

Democratic presidential campaign
It’s a crowded field for the Democratic presidential nomination, and some say that means big donors may hold off on committing to a candidate. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is one of at least nine candidates expected to seek the Democratic nomination. Dean appeared on the CBS program “Face the Nation” Sunday and said North Korea and al-Qaida are bigger threats than Iraq. (AP)

Vermont actors are joining thespians around the world Monday in protest against a possible war with Iraq. Participants in all 50 states and on six continents will perform the ancient Greek anti-war comedy, Lysistrata. (AP)

Mountain memorial
The state of New Hampshire is commemorating one of the people killed by a man in a shooting spree almost six years ago. Vicki Bunnell, a part-time judge, was gunned down by Carl Drega in August 1987 in the town of Colebrook. Drega was killed in Vermont. (AP)

Cold winter
Statistics are starting to prove what many Vermonters already know: the state is experiencing one of the coldest winters in years. The National Weather Service says the average temperature for December, January and February was the coldest in 24 years. (AP)

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