March 6, 2003 – News at a glance

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School budgets rejected
The Vermont Superintendents’ Association reports that 42 school budgets have been voted down. (Click on the link to view the complete list.) (VPR)

Jeffords on administration priorities
Senator Jim Jeffords said Wednesday afternoon that President Bush is ignoring the most important domestic issues facing this country because the administration is fixated on a war with Iraq. Jeffords urged the president to stop the war effort before it’s too late. (VPR)

Douglas signs first bill into law
Governor Jim Douglas has signed his first major piece of legislation into law. The bill expands the authority of the state archivist in determining which public records should be saved for generations to come. (VPR)

Act 60 reform
Governor Jim Douglas says the large number of school budgets rejected on Town Meeting Day demonstrates the public’s growing frustration with Act 60. Douglas says he’ll urge lawmakers to include a strong cost containment provision in any Act 60 reform plan that is considered by the Legislature. (VPR)

Genetically modified foods
Voters in 36 towns have gone on record against genetically modified foods. This year’s town meeting votes means 69 towns over the last three years have opposed genetic engineering of food and crops. (VPR)

Youth war protests
Vermont students joined their peers across the country today by walking out of class to protest a possible war with Iraq. (VPR)

Homeland Security committee
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy will serve on a newly created subcommittee overseeing the Department of Homeland Security. (AP)

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