McNulty announces early results of school choice study

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(Host) Education Commissioner Ray McNulty says a new report shows that few people have taken advantage of limited school choice in Vermont. This is the first academic year that some degree of school choice has been offered.

Speaking Thursday night on VPR’s Switchboard program, McNulty said less than 1% of eligible students are attending a school outside of their home district. McNulty says important questions need to be answered before school choice is expanded.

(McNulty) “That study was released today by the department. Talking about the numbers of people that have taken part in that, I believe it’s .7% of the total available group. We’ve not engaged in the conversation yet in the state, which is the big issue, and that is the money following the student.”

(Host) McNulty says small schools are afraid they would be hurt unless they continue to receive state money for students who live in their district but attend school elsewhere.

In his inaugural address last week, Governor Jim Douglas said increasing school choice is one of the goals of the new administration.

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