Museum celebrates Bennington Battle Day

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(Host) Wednesday is Bennington Battle Day in Vermont. On this date in 1777 British soldiers from General John Burgoyne’s army had moved to within ten miles of Bennington when they were met in battle by militia members from New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. Ultimately, the American forces prevailed in a battle that’s considered a turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Jamie Franklin is Curator of Collections at the Bennington Museum, where there’s a room devoted to the battle:

(Franklin) “In the gallery we have artifacts, guns used in the battle, a canon that was captured from the British, a wonderful mural created in the 1930’s by artists doing historical research. The Battle of Bennington has always been a much lauded event, and one of the grandest celebrations was in 1927. For that event, Ernest Murray, a local composer, composed the Bennington Battle March. And we have a very rare archival recording of that march here at the Bennington Museum’s collection.”

(Host) The Bennington Battle March was written in 1927 by Bennington resident Ernest Murry. A 1940’s recording by the composer is part of the archives at the Bennington Museum.

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