Non-profits say report remains steady

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(Host) The state’s non-profit organizations say that despite the economic downturn, support from Vermonters remains steady.

That’s in line with historical trends that show that charitable giving doesn’t drop off significantly during a recession. 

Peter Espenshade is with the Vermont Community Foundation.  He says there’s a good reason people continue to give money when times are bad.

(Espenshade) "People want to support non-profits.  They want to feel that they have some control and some say in the world."

(Host)  But Espenshade says non-profits are still making cutbacks because their expenses are going up.  The economic downturn is also affecting them in other ways.  

(Espenshade) "For example, I was talking to the director of a performing arts theater and she said that giving is strong but ticket sales are down.  Talking to people who run animal shelters – the shelters are full because people can’t afford to keep their pets."

(Host)  Espenshade says even when people have to cut back on financial support for non-profits, they find other ways to help out – like volunteering or serving on boards and committees.  


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