November 8, 2004 – News at a glance

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Progressives get support from rural voters
Vermont’s Progressive Party was born in Burlington, but now it has more members elected to the Legislature from rural areas around the state. Progressives won six seats in the Statehouse in last Tuesday’s election. The newly elected representatives say they won because they worked on issues that affect working men and women in Vermont. (VPR)

Vermont Yankee public meeting
There’s no word yet on where the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will meet with the owners of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant to discuss plans to increase power. The NRC is still looking for a location large enough to accommodate all the people who would be expected to attend the meeting. The meeting had been scheduled for Tuesday evening, but it was postponed after Vernon officials said they couldn’t safely accommodate all the people expected to attend. (AP)

Dean speaks at Dartmouth
Howard Dean had harsh words for both Republicans and Democrats, saying that President Bush ran a campaign of fear while Democrats are losing site of their own values. Dean, who made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, told students at Dartmouth College that Bush appeals to fear, anxiety and hate. The former Vermont governor also criticized his own party, saying that if the Democrats are going to compete with the GOP, they need to stick to their own values and stop moving too far to the middle. (AP)

Peace activists still active
Hundreds of peace activists from all over Vermont are vowing to continue fighting for an end to the war in Iraq. Days after George Bush won the White House, activists on Sunday reasserted their commitment to alter what they described as flawed U.S. foreign policy. (AP)

Soldier married before deployment
Vermont Army National Guard Private Dan McEnerney is squeezing a lot into the final weeks before being called up for duty overseas. In between returning from basic training and getting ready to go along with 599 other soldiers he married his high school sweetheart Sharrah. (AP)

Farm runoff program
A federal program to help clean up Lake Champlain by helping farmers manage their manure can’t meet demand. Last year the Natural Resource Conservation Services only approved about a third of the applications for assistance it received. (AP)

Gay marriage
Vermonters appear to be more comfortable with the idea of gay marriage and the reality of civil unions for same-sex couples. Four years ago polls found Vermonters split over whether civil unions were a good idea. Now support for civil unions and gay marriage is overwhelming. (AP)

Federal housing cuts
The Burlington City Council is expected to take up a resolution tonight that would oppose the federal housing subsidy cuts. The resolution says as many as 207 of the area’s families could lose their housing vouchers in fiscal year 2005. The resolution urges Vermont’s congressional delegation to work to stall the reductions. (AP)

Retreat Healthcare union contract
Retreat Healthcare in Brattleboro has reached a contract agreement with a union that represents more than 250 of its employees. The three-year contract between Retreat Healthcare and the union includes wage increases ranging from four to eight percent. (AP)

Ski season
Officials at Vermont ski resorts are hoping that the early snow and cool temperatures means a banner season is coming. The ski industry is hoping to bounce back from last season when a stretch of bitterly cold weather in January kept many skiers at home. (AP)

Prank had racist overtones
A high school football prank that used a cross with the name of a black player from a rival team written on it has sparked discussions about racism at the two schools. The three Montpelier high school players have apologized to the U-32 High School player and team. (AP)

Police methamphetamine training
The Vermont State Police and other agencies are helping train emergency workers about the dangers of methamphetamine. The drug is cheap, addictive and easy to make from legal ingredients. It also carries with it the dangers of an exploding lab and poisonous gas. (AP)

Vernon homicide
Police are investigating an apparent homicide in Vernon. Fifty-two-year-old James Kellom was found in a driveway of a home around 7 o’clock Sunday night. Police say he was shot in the chest. Police say an altercation had taken place before the shooting. (AP)

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