Police arrest 8 in Guilford peace demonstration

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(Host) As the country moves close to war, activists have stepped up their campaign for peace. In Brattleboro on Monday, eight protesters were arrested at a National Guard office.

Guilford resident Erik Shickedanz says the demonstrators tried to convert the recruitment office into a peace center:

(Shickedanz) “Our intent was to transform the recruiting center into a place for peace, a peace recruiting center. So some of us started transforming it by putting things up on the walls and in the windows. We continued to do that for a while until the police came.”

(Host) Shickedanz says demonstrators may decide to commit more acts of civil disobedience as the war escalates.

(Shickedanz) “I hope that people would feel more moved to put themselves at a little more risk, a few more people, you know. That’s why this group was formed, it is because we’ve all been in demonstrations before. But we felt that a little stronger statement was called for in this case.”

(Host) The eight protesters were ordered to appear in court in April on trespass charges.

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