Proposed wind projects in Vermont

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A half-dozen wind energy projects are contemplated for upper elevation ridgelines around the state.

1. Searsburg. This southwestern Vermont town is already home to the state’s first commercial wind farm. The site now produces six megawatts. Green Mountain Power and enXco, a California company, would like to expand the Searsburg site with larger towers and turbines to generate about 40 megawatts.

2. Little Equinox Mounain, Manchester. Catamount Energy Corporation wants to build a nine-megawatt wind power plant on the mountain above Manchester Village. Five 330 foot towers would be required. Catamount is a subsidiary of Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, the state’s largest electric utility.

3. Glebe Mountain, Londonderry and Windham. Catamount Energy plans a 50-megawatt facility with 27 turbines, each 330 feet high. At full output, the site could produce enough energy for 12,000 homes.

4. East Mountain and nearby ridges, East Haven. This Northeast Kingdom site would be the state’s largest wind generating station. Fifty turbines are planned, with a total output of 75 megawatts.

5. Lowell Mountain, Orleans County. This site is in testing phase, size to be determined.

6. Sheffield or Kirby/Victory State Fores. This site also in testing phase, size to be determined.

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