Rockingham wins suit against U.S. Gen

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(Host) The town of Rockingham has won a big legal victory in its tax battle with a California-based utility. The U.S. Gen Corporation owns a large hydroelectric project on the Connecticut River. The company claimed its property was worth far less than the town had appraised it for.

This week, Judge John Wesley agreed with the town. Lawyer Richard Saudek represented Rockingham in the case:

(Saudek) “We’re very gratified that Judge Wesley agreed with us on the valuation after a very long and difficult trial and a very complicated analysis. I believe that it will be a great help to the town of Rockingham. Had Judge Wesley agreed with the other side, there would have been a huge tax refund that would have had to go back.”

(Host) Rockingham valued the hydroelectric plant at $90 million. The company said it should pay taxes based on a value of $33 million.

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