Sanders and Douglas in agreement on energy summit

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(Host) It isn’t often that Republican Governor Jim Douglas and Independent Congressman Bernie Sanders are in strong agreement.

But that’s what’s happened when it comes to rising energy prices.

On Wednesday, Sanders called on President Bush to convene an emergency energy summit to investigate why gas prices have increased dramatically in the past 6 weeks. During this time period, prices have risen more than 50 cents-a-gallon.

Sanders thinks the major oil companies
are, quote, “ripping off” consumers because he says there’s no reason for prices to be skyrocketing at a time when oil inventories are at an 8-year high.

Governor Douglas says he fully supports Sanders’ plan:

(Douglas) “I think that’s a good idea to have the Congress the Administration look at it. I think Vermonters and all Americans are annoyed when they see the chairman of Exxon Mobil retiring with a package with a tremendous amount of money at a time when each and every Vermonter is paying more and more at the pump so I think there ought to be a look at that.”

(Host) Douglas says the major oil companies should be forced to explain why prices are rising even though inventories appear to be full.

(Douglas) “I agree with him that we ought to ask some questions and get some answers because it doesn’t make sense in terms of the normal economic forces that gas prices should be as high as they are. So I think it’s a very fair question to ask and I hope that our federal leaders will look into it.”

(Host) Douglas says he also hopes that Vermont lawmakers will pass a price gouging bill this session that would protect consumers from unreasonable price increases in times of a national emergency or natural catastrophe.

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