Sanders introduces Canadian drug resale bill

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders is taking aim at a pharmaceutical company that wants to suspend drug sales to people who buy lower-priced prescriptions in Canada. Sanders says he wants to stop the drug company Glaxo-Smith-Kline from halting supplies to Canadian pharmacies that sell drugs to Americans.

(Sanders) “My legislation would prevent Glaxo or any other pharmaceutical company from discriminating against Americans and preventing them from buying medicine in Canada at far lower prices than they pay here.”

(Host) Sanders’ bill would impose civil penalties on drug companies that cut off sales to Americans. The Legislature has also passed a strong resolution that condemns the practice. Sanders says lawmakers did the right thing.

(Sanders) “I think that’s exactly right and we need to have other Legislatures all over the country do the same thing. Glaxo should not be allowed to blackmail the American people.”

(Host) Sanders’ bill has 50 co-sponsors. Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy has also introduced legislation that would penalize companies that discriminate against Canadian pharmacies.

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