Sanders Schedules Town Meeting On Dental Issues

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Senator Bernie Sanders will be holding a Town Meeting in Montpelier on Saturday to discuss what he is calling a nationwide dental crisis. 

Sanders has been taking testimony from Vermonters and from people across the country about their experiences with dental care. 

Here’s Laura Austan of Brattleboro.

(Austan) "Between the uncovered medial expenses, and the lack of dentists in my area, I haven’t regularly seen a dentist in 13 years, almost 14 at this point.  I now have a missing filling, a broken tooth, a cracked tooth, and gingivitis. And I’m sure at some point I’ll be losing most of my teeth. We have very few dentists in this area, and very few that will take Medicare. We need better affordable dental care in Vermont, desperately.  I mean we just need dentists, badly, and we need to be able to get to them."

(Host) That’s similar to what Senator Bernie Sanders expects to hear at a town meeting on Saturday in Montpelier.

The meeting will be at 11 a.m in the Montpelier High School cafeteria.

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