State biologist: Deer herd did well in tough winter

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Vermont’s deer herd weathered winter OK. Now, the challenge is lasting through the final few weeks.

That’s the word from state wildlife officials, who say deep snow across much of Vermont hid deer food and made it hard for them to walk, forcing them to deplete fat reserves.

The state’s deer herd, which was about 158,000 strong last fall, went into the winter healthy. Shawn Haskell, chair of the deer team at the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, says that barring another major storm, the deer should be fine.

But he says a three-foot snowfall could spell doom for the weakest members of the herd should it come at this point in the season.

Now, the state wants to work with hunters to help find the best way to keep deer healthy. The first of five meetings across the state is scheduled for Wednesday in Springfield.

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