State officials satisfied with handling of security breach

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(Host) State officials say they’re satisfied with the way Vermont’s banks are responding to a security breach at Hannaford’s supermarkets   that exposed the credit card information of more than four million customers nationwide. 

Hannaford’s has 14 stores in Vermont.

Deputy Commissioner of Banking Tom Candon says banks have responded in different ways. 

Some are watching accounts for suspicious activity, while others are taking additional steps.

(Candon) "Some banks and credit unions have issued cards.  Others are saying that they will immediately reissue a card to anybody who had shopped at Hannafords.  A bank that has hundreds of thousands of credit cards out there cannot be expected to reissue those cards every time there’s a breech that’s announced."

(Host)  Candon says because the breach did not occur within their own security systems, the banks aren’t required to take specific steps to inform customers.

He advises credit card holders to check their bank statements for suspicious activity. 

Consumers are not responsible for unauthorized purchases if they’re reported within 60 days.

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