Statehouse Schedule: April 4, 2012

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Scheduled to go into session at 1 p.m.

Favorable with Amendment H. 506 Vinous beverages

Action Under Rule 52 J.R.S. 52 Joint resolution relating to the issuance of a commemorative United States postage stamp in honor of former United States Senator George D. Aiken


Scheduled to go into session at 3:30 p.m.

Second Reading Favorable with Proposal of Amendment H. 21 An act relating to the mutual benefit enterprise act

Third Reading H. 39 An act relating to persons authorized to direct disposition of service members’ remains

Third Reading H. 378 An act relating to town payments of county taxes

Third Reading H. 503 An act relating to eliminating the ability of the sergeant at arms to employ a traffic control officer and requiring the certification of capitol police officers

Second Reading H. 413 An act relating to creating a civil action against those who abuse, neglect, or exploit a vulnerable adult

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