Sutton votes against large wind farms

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(Host) The town of Sutton took up a non-binding referendum on industrial wind projects on Tuesday.

Voters were asked whether they were in favor of large wind farms in their town. The vote was 120 against and 23 in favor.

The controversy centers around a proposed wind farm that crosses the town line between Sutton and Sheffield. Here’s Sutton Town clerk Doreen Devenger:

(Devenger) “They had proposed six of the wind towers on Norris Mountain, which is in Sutton and they objected to that. The vote, it was an opinion poll, was only on the six turbines on Norris Mountain. We cannot control those over in Sheffield.”

(Host) Those against the wind turbines cited concerns about loss of views and potential harm to birds.

Voters showed a keen interest in the non-binding item. Devenger said discussion of the town’s two million-dollar school budget was closed quickly in an effort to get to the wind farm debate.

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