Teter says pre-competition powder runs helped calm nerves

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(Host) Hannah Teter, the gold medalist in the women’s snowboard half-pipe, is the pride and joy of her hometown of Belmont, Vermont.

Teter, who was still in Turin Tuesday after her winning Olympic performance, is getting a lot of attention but she told VPR she has yet to be able to talk with the locals in Belmont.

(Teter) “I haven’t talked to anybody. I just hear everybody’s super excited, you know “

(Host) The 19-year-old snowboarder said that prior to the event, in which she and teammate Gretchen Blieler won the top two medals, they found a way to calm the jitters by getting in some off-trail snowboarding.

(Teter) “Me and Gretchen took some powder runs before we completed it was just so fun, we just kind of let loose and I know I was feeling nervous.”

(Host) Teter has also been spreading the word about the special qualities of a Vermont product. She says there’s something about growing up in Vermont that may have had a factor in her success

(Teter) “Vermont Maple syrup

(Host) Hannah Teter’s gold medal performance included a 44.6 on her first run and a 46.4 on the second run. The second run featured a “frontside 540” and a “frontside 900.”

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