Then and Now: Statehouse Audio Tour

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To step into the Statehouse today is to step back 150 years. A long-term effort by the “Friends of the Vermont Statehouse” to restore the building to its original appearance is virtually complete. Now, a new audio tour is about to be introduced, created with the help of Vermont Public Radio.

In the last of our series focusing on the Statehouse, curator David Schutz describes the new project, and the building’s role as a top tourist attraction.

(To hear David Schutz, click on the “Listen” icon.)

Note: The Friends of the Vermont Statehouse conducts personal tours beginning at 10am throughout the summer until October 1st. The new self-guided audio tour will be available throughout the year.

Our series “Then and Now” was produced by Lynne McCrea. The audio engineers were Sam Sanders and Chris Albertine. Music for the series was composed by Bob Merrill.

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