Towns hope to prevent Vermont Yankee false alarms

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(Host) The Brattleboro Select Board wants assurances there won’t be any more false alarms concerning the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

Two weeks ago, the National Weather Service sent out a false alarm about a high-level emergency at the plant after a forecaster accidentally clicked on the wrong icon on a computer screen. The click set off thousands of special alert radios in homes within the 10-mile emergency planning zone surrounding Vermont Yankee.

Greg Worden is chairman of the Brattleboro Select Board:

(Worden) “It was a mistake. It was part of a process of planning and training that is an ongoing process. You know, it’s not simply a static process. It changes, and people do react and make changes to a system to make a system better. And that’s what we hope comes out of this, is that the system continually gets better.”

(Host) Worden says the town manager and assistant town manager will meet with the National Weather Service to improve on computer software and ensure that no future errors are broadcast.

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