Towns vote against genetically modified foods

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(Host) Voters in 36 towns have gone on record against genetically modified foods. This year’s town meeting votes means 69 towns over the last three years have opposed genetic engineering of food and crops.

Underhill resident Jamie Beaulieu supported the resolution in her town. She says the state should require companies to label genetically modified foods.

(Beaulieu) “Because they’re not labeled currently, consumers cannot make informed decisions regarding their food that we buy to feed ourselves and our families. There’s just not enough long term research.”

(Host) Burlington Progressive Representative David Zuckerman says the Town Meeting votes should send a message to lawmakers.

(Zuckerman) “Throughout all these communities that have voted on this resolution, there’s a clear show of support from across the state that people are very concerned about genetically engineered foods and it’s time to do something about it in the Legislature.”

(Host) There’s several bills pending in the Legislature on genetically engineering. One requires strict labeling of products that contain genetically engineered foods. Another shifts liability for any problems associated with the use of GE seeds from farmers to the companies that produce the seeds. And a third bill calls for a moratorium on the use of GE products until more safety and health tests have been conducted.

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