UVM inaugurates President Fogel

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(Host) Friday was marked by pomp and circumstance as the University of Vermont officially inaugurated Daniel Fogel as its 25th president.

Bag pipers and a police honor guard ushered in the faculty processional, with professors dressed in the colorful robes and hoods of academic regalia. Vermont’s senators, congressman and governor joined scholars from across the country in celebrating Fogel’s investiture at UVM. In his inaugural address, Fogel concentrated on his goals for the university’s future:

(Fogel) “I want to lead you with me on the journey of the marvelous institution toward greater glory – toward becoming more and more a community that nourishes the full potential and the dreams of all who come to the University to study and work, to discover and create, to play freely and joyfully in the fields of intellect and of wonder.”

(Host) Fogel assumed leadership of UVM last summer. But university officials say a busy schedule and harsh winter delayed the official celebration till this week.

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