Vermont Foodbank says assistance is available

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(Host) Anti-hunger activists are putting out the word that there is still room for people to sign up for a supplemental food assistance program.

Last winter, the Bush Administration eliminated funding for the program, but Congress is working to restore the money.

Deborah Flateman of the Vermont Foodbank says people left the program last winter when funding was uncertain. But now she wants low income seniors to know that there’s assistance available.

(Flateman) “We could bring 600 to 700 more people right away. And we’ve got the food, and we’ve got the mechanism to serve them.”

(Host) To qualify, seniors must have an income at or below 130% of the federal poverty level. That’s $12,400 a year for a single person.

(Flateman) “We’re really putting out a call to bring out those 600 folks. We need you to participate. And if you’re eligible, we need you to participate because we want to keep the food coming into the state of Vermont.”

(Host) For more information about the commodities supplemental food program, call 1-800-214-4648.

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