Vermont Yankee Opponents Plan Brattleboro Demonstrations

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Opponents of Vermont Yankee are disappointed that the nuclear power plant is still generating electricity.

But they say they’ll continue fighting to close it down.

Wednesday is the day that Yankee’s original 40-year operating license expired. It’s been granted a 20-year extension even though the state has been trying to close it down.

Paul Burns of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group says opponents will try to persuade the state Public Service Board to deny Yankee the state license it still needs. And he says Vermonters will soon recognize that the state no longer needs Vermont Yankee:

(Burns) "Their light will come on, and we will not be getting, no utility in this state will be getting, any power from Vermont Yankee. I think that the people of Vermont have had enough of Entergy Louisiana‘s leaks, lies and lawyers. It is time, instead, for a clean energy future for Vermont."

(Host) A federal judge says Yankee can continue to operate while the state appeals his ruling that threw out a state law designed to close the plant.

Jamey Fidel is general counsel of Vermont Natural Resources Council. He says the judge left a role for state regulators.

(Fidel) "Vermont Natural Resources Council feels strongly that the PSB has the authority to ensure that Vermont Yankee will not have an undue adverse affect on Vermont’s natural environment, and that includes water quality.  There are valid environmental concerns that do not relate to preempted issues regarding safety."

(Host) Demonstrators plan a major protest in Brattleboro today against Yankee and its corporate owner, Entergy.

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