Vermont youth participate in day of war protests

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(Host) Vermont students joined their peers across the country today by walking out of class to protest a possible war with Iraq.

At the University of Vermont in Burlington, students filled the small plaza in front of the Royal Tyler Theater on campus. Students and some professors spoke out against Bush administration policies on Iraq, and led the assembled crowd in protest against the war:

(Crowd at UVM, chanting) “Money for schools, not for bombs! Money for schools, not for bombs!”
(Student) “I feel that the money that would be used by the Bush administration to fight this war is taking away from causes such as education, which as students, directly affects us. Also, it should be directed towards curing the social problems at home, such as money for health care, jobs and education – rather than for warfare.”

(Host) A similar scene played out in Montpelier. About 75 high school students marched from Montpelier High School to the Statehouse, where they surprised Governor Jim Douglas at his office:

(Student) “Can I have an answer – do you support the war on Iraq? It’s a yes or no question.”
(Douglas) ” I hope that we will avoid a war. It’s not a yes or no question, I’m sorry if you think that. I’ve given you my answer.”
(Student) “Thanks for not answering our question!”

(Host) Youth protests against a possible war were held in several cities across the country. Student organizers say they want the government to focus on education and social welfare in the United States, and not spend money on a war in the Middle East.

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