Voices In The Week’s News: March 1, 2013

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Home-based child care providers are concerned about paying union dues, a moratorium was removed from a wind bill, towns are voting on a study to repair the Fairlee Dam and Vermont has a new state  entomologist.

These were some of the stories in the news this week.

Vermont‘s new state entomologist says bed bug cases are on the rise. (2/28/13)

(Alan Graham) "It is a problem in Vermont, not necessarily in inns and hotels but it is on the increase. The pest control business has probably focused less on cockroaches now and more on bed bugs."

Towns To Vote On Study To Repair Fairlee Dam (2/28/13)

(Skip Brown, a West Fairlee resident) "If the dam should fail it will be a catastrophe, not only environmentally, and a loss of the natural beauty of the lake, but it will be an economic loss to the three towns that surround it."

Moratorium Removed From Wind Bill As New Poll Shows Support For Projects (2/26/13)

(Sen. Peter Galbraith, D-Windham) "I have no problem with wind projects," he said. "What I object to is imposing a large project on a town that doesn’t want it, and with an utter disregard for the effect it has on the people of the town."

Home-Based Child Care Providers Concerned About Union Dues (2/27/13)

(Morgan Kittredge, childcare provider in Vergennes) "That’s still a cost that I’d have to pass on to parents, and childcare is expensive for everybody. They don’t want to have to pay more."

Discrepancy Between State Standards, FEMA Reimbursement Halts Culvert Repair  (2/27/13)

(Westminster Town Manager Matthew Daskal) "This was just your standard paved road coming up to a bridge. And after Irene, there was nothing. It was a large hole approximately 20 feet deep. As days went on from Irene, we saw that it continued to get worse. The road started collapsing into the hole."

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