Voices In The Week’s News: March 2, 2012

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Debate continued in the legislature over the governor’s proposal for the State Hospital… and over whether or not to remove the philosophical exemption for vaccinations. The City of Burlington has not yet decided if it will renew the Farmer’s Market’s lease at City Hall Park… and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was in Vermont campaigning for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ahead of the Republican presidential primary.

These were some of the voices in the news this week…

Senate Backs Smaller State Hospital

(Pollina) "I think we need to have a strong community based mental health system without a doubt. But I also know we need a facility that’s large enough to meet the need of those patients. It also has to be large enough to be able to attract and maintain the staff."

Immunization Bill Moves Forward

(Pollina) "I think you balance the need for public health with the rights of parents and we’ve had this exemption in place for quite some time. It’s worked well for our community. We’ve had parents who are educated making choices about vaccinations and I think it’s totally appropriate to continue to allow that to happen."

(Mullin) "We’re faced with the very, very difficult decision to make on trying to do what’s right for the public good…clearly the benefits of vaccinations far exceed the risks and in order to protect the public health I didn’t really see that there was any other choice but to remove the philosophical exemption."

Home For Burlington Farmers’ Market Becomes Uncertain

(Steinbach) "We just simply don’t have the infrastructure developed to be able to talk well about expanding the market in that space. So we’d like to look outside of the confines of City Hall Park and talk about the streetscape and the sidewalkscape and all of that. Things that will grow the market."

Outcome Of Vt. Republican Primary Could Shift Delegate Count 

(Sununu) "Governor Romney asked me to come spend a little bit of time here because… the way this process is moving Vermont will play a very important role next Tuesday.


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