Voices In The Week’s News: March 30, 2012

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As the Supreme Court heard arguments on the federal health care law, Vermont pondered its effects, money was raised for an "Eat More Kale" documentary, Norwich University held its first Pride Week, tick populations were on the rise and people said goodbye to one of the state’s last bookmobiles.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Vermont Ponders Ripple Effect Of Changes To Health Care Law (3/26)

(Governor Peter Shumlin) "We are not relying on the federal subsidies now, we won’t be relying on them necessarily under the Green Mountain Health care bill. If we have them it’s great, it’s gravy but we’re going to reform this system with or without federal subsidies – that our system of reform is not dependent upon federal subsidies."

"Eat More Kale" T-Shirt Artist Raises $90K For Film Project (3/27) 

(Bo Muller-Moore) "Everybody knows somebody that’s been bullied by a corporation it seems. Everybody can relate to this one way or another. And I think people are glad that somebody’s going to stand up and be a spokesperson for it."

Norwich Holds First Ever Pride Week (3/26)

(Norwich University senior Joshua Fontanez) "Probably one of our biggest connections when it come to clubs is the Christian Fellowship here. They’ll actually be doiong one of the events during the week. They show up to our club meetings, we go to their club meetings. So, it’s definitely been a lot of support here on campus."

Tick Populations On Rise, Experts Urge Caution (3/27) 

(Lyndon State College professor of biology Alan Geise) "There’s really good evidence from Maine, from Minnesota, from Michigan, that tick populations are moving northward.  Even in Europe.  In Sweden there are tick populations now showing up in places where historically they have had none.  And in Germany, ticks are moving in elevation up into the alpine zones where they’ve never been at high altitudes before."

One Of Vermont’s Last Bookmobiles Stops Rolling Through The Northeast Kingdom (3/28)

(Kids) "’Cause we miss the bookmobile. Yeah, we miss the bookmobile until it comes here. I miss it a lot more."


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