VPR series: Southwest Corner

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VPR is airing an impact series on issues facing southwestern Vermont, February 3-6. Special reports will examine transportation issues, recent job losses and socio-economic divisions between this region and the rest of the state.

Special Switchboard from Manchester:
February 6: VPR’s Switchboard call-in program broadcasted live from the auditorium at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester. Steve Zind’s guests were Sabina Haskell, editor of the Bennington Banner; Bennington County Senator Dick Sears; and Lance Matteson of the Bennington County Industrial Corporation. Listen to the program online.

Southwest Corner news stories:

Air and rail in Bennington County
Officials in Bennington County say improving their transportation infrastructure will go a long way in helping to boost the area’s economy. While work on the bypass is ongoing, it may be years before it’s useable. Bennington may see more immediate results by upgrading it’s rail access and using what transportation assets they have more creatively.

Bennington Bypass
Nina Keck takes a look at some of the pressing transportation challenges in southwestern Vermont. The region is working on transportation solutions, including the long-delayed Bennington bypass.

Banner celebrates 100 years in print
John Van Hoesen takes a close look at the Bennington Banner, where the issues of southwestern Vermont get a thorough airing. The daily paper is celebrating its centennial this year.

Interview: Manchester Selectboard
VPR’s Steve Delaney talks with chair of the Manchester Selectboard, Ivan Beattie.

Bennington County’s economy
Someone once called it Vermont’s Forgotten Kingdom. Southwestern Vermont has long felt slighted by state government. But officials say things have changed and the area is poised to become Vermont’s next big growth region.

Interview: House Speaker Walter Freed, of Dorset
Steve Delaney talks with House Speaker Walter Freed of Dorest, on the political issues that concern southwestern Vermonters.

Manchester and the Bennington, the two Shires
Susan Keese provides an overview of the issues and traditions of Bennington County, where the Northshire and the Southshire pursue unique identities.

Interview: Rose Bitensky and the Village Nook
Steve Delaney talks with Bennington’s Rose Bitensky, a Bennington resident with a long memory of her town.

Southwest corner commentaries:

Taconic Mountains
Commentator Ted Levin says that it’s the mountains of Vermont’s southwest corner that give the region much of it’s southern character.

Visiting Robert Frost’s grave
Commentator Alan Boye visits the southwestern corner of the state to search for the final resting place of one of Vermont’s most illustrious citizens.

Transportation mega-projects
Commentator Timothy McQuiston considers the state’s transportation priorities.

Manchester history lesson
Commentator Mary Hard Bort takes the long view when contemplating change in her community.

Racetrack revival in Pownal
Commentator Tim McQuiston says that the thunder of hooves rounding the clubhouse turn would be music to the ears of many in Bennington.

Vermont’s southwest homeland
Commentator Frank Bryan recalls the history and the people of southwest Vermont.

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