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VPR’s local war coverage includes news stories, interviews and commentaries on Vermonters who are serving in the military, protesting the war and following events in the Middle East closely. Follow links below for transcripts and audio:

News stories:
War claims lives of two Vermonters April 4, 2003
The war in Iraq has claimed the lives of two Vermonters. Erik Halvorsen of Bennington and Mark Evnin of South Burlington are the first Vermonters to die in the war in Iraq.
Protesters demonstrate at Free Press offices April 4, 2003
Police responded to an anti-war protest this afternoon at the offices of the Burlington Free Press.
War may impact U.S.-Canadian relations April 2, 2003
Canada’s decision not to support the U.S. war with Iraq will most likely not have a long term impact on the relationship between the two countries. That’s the opinion of UVM Canadian Studies Professor Andre Senecal.
Vermonters serve on USS Constellation April 1, 2003
Seven thousand miles away from home, a half dozen Vermonters serve on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. They’re stationed on the USS Constellation, a ship that plays a key role in the war with Iraq. The Constellation leads a battle group that’s under the command of Rear Admiral Barry Costello, who’s from Rutland.
War demonstrators show support and dissent March 29, 2003
Demonstrators for and against the war in Iraq rallied in downtown Rutland during the noon hour on Friday.
Leahy concerned about longterm plan in Iraq March 28, 2003
Senator Patrick Leahy says a U.S. military victory in Iraq will not have much meaning unless America is willing to take an active role in the reconstruction of Iraq after the war.
Douglas lauds wounded soldier March 27, 2003
Governor Jim Douglas interrupted his press conference at the Statehouse Thursday to take a call from a 19-year-old Marine from Dorset who was wounded in Iraq over the weekend.
Marine’s family puts politics aside March 26, 2003
As the war in Iraq intensifies, one Vermont soldier is seeing action on the front lines.
Protesters gatheri n Burlington March 24, 2003
War protesters gathered in cities across the world on Saturday, and they were in Burlington as well. Peace activists from across the state marched through downtown Burlington for more than two hours, intermittently stopping traffic at busy intersections.
Professor follow war with personal interest March 21, 2003
A University of Vermont professor has a very personal reason for following the war in Iraq and it’s effect on the Iraqi people.
Interview: Vermont Ecumenical Council March 21, 2003
Steve Delaney talks with Reverend Rick Neu about Vermont churches that are adjusting their services in reaction to the war in Iraq.
Admiration expressed for Rutland Navy officer March 21, 2003 With war underway against Iraq, one Vermonter is playing a very key role in the U.S. battle plan. Rear Admiral Barry Costello is a Rutland native who now commands nine ships in the Persian Gulf.
Protesters demonstrate across the state March 21, 2003
For weeks, war protesters in Vermont have been planning to take action as soon as the hostilities in Iraq began. Thursday, demonstrators took to the streets in a number of Vermont communities to speak out against the war.
Vermont deploys 30 National Guard members March 20, 2003
Thirty additional members of the Vermont Army National Guard are shipping out. They’ll be deployed with troops somewhere in Southwest Asia, North Africa or the Middle East. Its not known if any of them will be serving in the Iraqi War effort.
Demonstrators show support for Bush, troops March 20, 2003
About 70 people gathered in Montpelier Wednesday to show support for the armed services. The crowd had a serious tone as they gathered on the steps of the Statehouse.
Vermont officials respond to Orange Alert March 19, 2003
Governor Jim Douglas says the state of Vermont is working with the federal Department of Homeland Security to beef up efforts to protect critical infrastructure throughout the state from a potential terrorist attack. Douglas says he has no reason to believe that any site in Vermont will be targeted but he says the state must be prepared for terrorist activities.
High school students protest war March 19, 2003
As war with Iraq seems increasingly inevitable, opponents of U.S. led attacks have become more visible and vocal. From Essex to Brattleboro, Vermonters who disagree with Bush administration policy have taken to the streets to make themselves heard.
Vermont Senate debates war March 19, 2003
The Vermont Senate Tuesday afternoon debated the merits of the impending war against Iraq.
Police arrest eight in Guilford March 18, 2003
As the country moves close to war, activists have stepped up their campaign for peace. In Brattleboro on Monday, eight protesters were arrested at a National Guard office.
Montpelier seeks new policy on police photographs March 17, 2003
This is a season of demonstrations, and nowhere in Vermont are they more plentiful than in Montpelier. Marches and protests are all in a day’s work for Montpelier’s police department. But the department has created a stir over the practice of taking photographs at demonstrations.
Demonstrators confront Douglas March 14, 2003
A group of Vermonters opposed to a war with Iraq urged Governor Jim Douglas this afternoon to back their efforts. The meeting culminated a day of anti-war activities in Montpelier.
Leahy speaks against war, in support of troops March 14, 2003
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy continues to speak out against a possible war with Iraq, while at the same time he calls for more support for the nation’s citizen-soldiers. On Friday, Leahy announced legislation that would help the families of men and women in the National Guard and the military reserves.

Images and sounds of war April 7, 2003
Commentator Madeleine May Kunin reflects on images and sounds of war.
Reinstating the draft April 2, 2003
Commentator Cheryl Hanna was listening closely on March 17 to President Bush’s ultimatum for Saddam Hussein.
After the war March 28, 2003
Commentator Olin Robison say President Bush needs to rebuild international alliances.
The left and Iraq March 27, 2003
Commentator Libby Sternberg says that for those whose anti-war sentiments may be colored by their distrust of President Bush, there are other perspectives worth considering.
Organizing for homeland support March 27, 2003
Commentator Bill Seamans reflects on domestic wartime issues, including plans for homeland defense against terrorist retaliation.
Pakistan in balance March 25, 2003
Commentator Shahid Khan is concerned that the war in Iraq is damaging American alliances with countries like Pakistan.
Talking to children about war March 24, 2003
Commentator Rebecca Coffey has suggestions for discussing war with children.
Coalition of the willing March 21, 2003
Commentator Mary Clancy reflects on Canada’s response to military action against Iraq.
Two views on U.S.-French relations March 20, 2003
Commentators John McClaughry and Madeleine May Kunin offer Two Views of the United Nations and the failure of diplomacy.
Hoping for the best March 19, 2003
Commentator David Moats reflects on the possible outcomes of pre-emptive war with Iraq.
Freedom of dissent March 17, 2003
The actions of Montpelier police during a recent protest rally disturb commentator Allen Gilbert.
Women in combat March 12, 2003
As the U.S. mobilizes for war with Iraq, commentator Bill Seamans says that more women than ever are preparing to take part in ground combat operations.
Outbreaks of democracy March 12, 2003
Commentator Ellen David Friedman reflects on the freedom of speech in times of war.

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