#VTResponse Responds To Sandy Affected Areas

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With Vermont largely unscathed from superstorm Sandy’s wrath, a Burlington-based digital clearinghouse for those looking for help is turning its attention to the Eastern Seaboard, where 8 million people are still without power.

VTResponse.com is responding to calls for help coming from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, setting up an online forum for victims of Sandy there.

Sarah Waterman is the architect of VTResponse.com. She says the current situation reminds her of the day after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.

The Website was first launched in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, before re-launching this week in response to Hurricane Sandy. The Website has been crowd-sourcing reports of damage and power outages.

Since damage caused by Sandy’s winds weren’t as widespread as initially feared in Vermont, Waterman says her crew is now planning to gather information on resources state-by-state so Vermonters can volunteer.

VTResponse has also compiled a list of organizations to which you can donate to help in those areas affected by the storm.

VTResponse.com: New Jersey 

VTResponse.com: Connecticut 

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