War may impact U.S.-Canadian relations

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(Host) Canada’s decision not to support the U.S. war with Iraq will most likely not have a long term impact on the relationship between the two countries. That’s the opinion of UVM Canadian Studies Professor Andre Senecal.

Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Senecal said while there could be some short term problems, it’s unlikely that the disagreement will cause a lasting division between the United States and Canada:

(Senecal) “I think short term it will be an irritant, without question. Long term, I personally don’t depending on how events unfold. And that’s a big ‘if’ for the moment. I don’t see any long term problems in the relationship. I think this will soon be forgotten, and ‘soon’ of course is a relative term.”

(Host) Burlington College President Mary Clancy, who’s a former member of the Canadian Parliament, says the short term impact could be significant:

(Clancy) “And we’re already in a problem situation with Sauford lumber, for example. The salmon problem could rise up again, here in Vermont you know there have always been irritants about dairy products and subsidies of that, nature potatoes in Maine. I could go on and on and on right across the country.”

(Host) Clancy says she’s also concerned that the disagreement could affect the auto pact between the two countries – a pact that Clancy says is very important to the Canadian auto industry.

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