Waterford Couple Pleads Not Guilty In Murder Of Teacher

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(Host) Two people have been arrested and arraigned in connection with the death of St. Johnsbury school teacher Melissa Jenkins.

But as VPR’s Charlotte Albright reports, the investigation is not over yet.

(Albright) Allen and Patricia Prue, a married couple from Waterford, were arrested at their home. State Police Major Ed Ledo says that evidence at the crime scene and investigation by many law enforcement agencies led to their door.

(Ledo) "It was determined by the chief medical examiner, Doctor Steven Shapiro, that the cause of Ms. Jenkins’s death was the result of strangulation. Allen and Patricia Prue are married, they knew Ms. Jenkins, and had snowplowed her driveway a couple of years ago."

(Albright) The Caledonian Record reports that Allen Prue was also a sub-contracted delivery man for the newspaper, and that he and his wife had arrived late for work Sunday night, the night Melissa Jenkins was allegedly murdered.

Her car was found idling on the side of a St. Johnsbury road, with her toddler, unharmed, inside.

The Associated Press reports that court records say she had answered a roadside call for help from Patricia Prue. The couple then allegedly strangled her and threw her body in the Connecticut River. Allen Prue had reportedly once asked her out.

The Prues appeared separately in court in St. Johnsbury and pleaded not guilty.

The investigation continues and more charges could follow. 

For VPR News, I’m Charlotte Albright

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