Welch criticizes Rainville on possible Congressional run

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(Host) Democratic Congressional candidate Peter Welch says Adjutant General Martha Rainville has not been forthcoming about her plans to run for Congress as a Republican.

Rainville has raised more than $100,000 for her campaign.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Rainville was officially a candidate as soon as she raised more than $5,000. Yet Welch pointed out that Rainville has refused to answer questions on issues, saying she is not yet a candidate.

(Welch) “I think all of us who are running, first of all, have an obligation to say, ‘hey, we are running secondly to be available to give opinions and answer questions.'”

(Host) But Welch says there’s a bigger issue in Rainville’s campaign.

(Welch) “To me the major concern is the decision she made. And the decision is to run as a Republican because Vermont’s next member of Congress will make a decision on the first day, to vote for the Delay now Boehner leadership or vote for change. And I think the Republican Congress and the Bush administration is leading the country in the wrong direction. I think their policies are doing real damage to the state of Vermont.”

(Host) Rainville plans to officially kick off her candidacy during a two-day trip around the state next week.

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