Weybridge votes against joining insect control district

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(Host) Voters in the Addison County town of Weybridge decided not to join an insect control district around the Lemon Fair River.

The district includes the neighboring towns of Cornwall and Bridport.

The measure would have funded treating the Lemon Fair waterway to kill mosquitos.

A voice vote was too close to call, and the measure was defeated 65-55 in paper balloting.

Town Clerk Karen Cuvaroo says the $40,000 price tag was a deciding factor.

(Cuvaroo) “People weren’t really convinced they had enough information to make an informed decision, I guess. It was a large amount of money. They weren’t going to treat the whole town, just the Lemon Fair district would be treated for now.”

(Host) Cuvaroo is unsure if the issue will be brought up again next year. She says it may depend on how bad the mosquitoes are this summer.

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