Wind energy in Vermont

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News story: Getting into the wind
With world oil prices at high levels, energy developers in Vermont are turning to a local power source: wind. Vermont is in the midst of a wind energy boom with a half dozen projects planned for mountain tops around the state. Experts predict that large-scale wind generators could eventually supply 20% of the state’s electricity needs. But the wind boom has also raised concerns about development in high elevation areas.

Sidebar: Proposed wind projects in Vermont
A half-dozen wind energy projects are contemplated for upper elevation ridgelines around the state. Follow link for complete list and project descriptions.

Interview: wind project on Glebe Mountain
Steve Delaney talks with Sam Lloyd, who’s trying to stop a utility from building a wind energy project on Glebe Mountain.

Interview: environmentalists and wind energy
Steve Delaney talks with Mark Sinclair of the Conservation Law Foundation about the environmental pros and cons of wind energy.

Interview: wind-generated energy
Steve Delaney talks with an advocate for renewable energy about the growing interest in wind power.

Commentary: Grandpa’s Knob
commentator Dan Reicher recalls a visionary project on a windy Vermont hillside that ushered in a new era of energy technology.

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