Winter Storm Raises Backcountry Safety Concerns

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(Host) After a winter of warmer weather and icier conditions on the slopes, this weekend’s snow storm had skiers and snowboarders rejoicing.

But Neil Van Dyke of Stowe Mountain Rescue says it did bring with it other concerns especially for those who enjoy back country skiing and riding.

(Van Dyke) "I’ve had reports this morning of at least three different avalanches this weekend. In all cases, people were able to get out safely. They weren’t hurt. But, conditions quickly. We had a lot of fresh new snow on top of a very, very firm base."

(Host) Van Dyke admonishes those heading into the back country to carry the necessary equipment, including a head lamp, extra food, water, an avalanche transponder and a GPS device.

He also says that it’s important to know how to use the GPS to navigate in the woods… in case you get lost.

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